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Spark – C

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Unique and Stable VitaminC

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Unique and Stable VitaminC
Feed Suplement For use in Aquaculture

Spark – C supplies Vitamin C for fish, prawn and shrimp.
Help increase the resistance.
Spark-C plays an important role in shell development and protein metabolism of prawn and shrimp.
Spark-C is essential in prawn and shrimp for disease resistance, rapid growth, high survival and moulting.
Spark-C has also been shown to help detoxification of toxins, chemicals, pesticides and drugs.

Immune reactions:
Spark-C affects immune functions in different ways (protection against free radical-mediated protein inactivation associated  with the oxidative burst of macrophages, chemotaxis, stimulation of proliferative response, antibody production and interferon).
Spark-C helps to maintain the integrity of the immune cells through their protectionfrom oxidation and within the cells (high amount of vitamin C stored in the immune cells).
Metabolic functions of Spark-C
Because of its modes of actions, Spark-C is involved in several physiological functions including growth, development, reproduction, wound healing, response to stressors.
Recommended Dosage:
Shirmp and Prawn: 6-9 g /kg of feed
Fish: 3-6 g /kg of feed or as advised by Aquaculture Consultant.

Store in a cool dry place at 250C to 300C and protect from direct sunlight.
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